Frequently Asked Questions

Website Rental

Do I need a website?
While there may be few cases where you can survive without a website, in today’s digital atmosphere it’s a business necessity. You can learn more about the benefits of having a website here, no matter how small you may think your business is.

What is website rental?
Rent a Website by Haughton Web Services allows business owners without a web presence to get online fast. By choosing our rent a website service, you get one of our ready-made websites that will be tailored to your business. It’s just like renting a fully furnished apartment. You move in with all your necessities provided, rent for as long as you like, and you get everything you need to enjoy your time there. Learn more about the benefits of renting a website here.

Why should I rent a website?
This is the ideal solution for a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants a convenient option that offers a faster turnaround time and better cash flow management. You can save time by getting an online presence quickly, and you can save money by choosing a lower up-front cost solution.

What are the plans available for website rental?
You can choose a plan that’s suitable to your cash flow needs. We offer annual, quarterly and monthly plans to make budgeting easier for you. Take a look at our website rental plans here or let’s talk about which plan suits you best.

Do I have a say in how the website looks?
Absolutely. We will create the site based on your requirements.

Do I own the site?
When you rent a website from us, you do not own the site/and or domain. But, you do have the option of purchasing it from us.

What other fees will I be charged?
The monthly rental fee covers all the necessities of your site. This includes hosting, updates, and maintenance hours as per the rental plan you choose, etc.

What website maintenance is included in renting a website?
Our rental packages include CMS software updates, plugin updates, backups, and email support.

Can I edit the site myself?
The website will be built using WordPress which makes it easy for you to access and edit as you see fit. Full or partial access to edit the site is dependent on the plan you choose. Whatever your access level, user-generated errors are not covered under the management/maintenance of the rental site. That means, you break your website, you’ll have to pay an additional sum to fix it. So, if you’re not comfortable in the backend of your site, we recommend choosing a plan that allows us to update, edit, add content, etc. on your behalf.

Will I have complete access of the website?
The standard plans do not allow for full access, but a custom plan can be created if you need full access to the site.

If I already purchased a domain, can I still rent a website?
Yes you can, and you will keep full ownership of your domain. This will result in a discounted rate on any of our standard plans. 

Is there an option to buy the site afterwards?
Yes, you may buy the site from us should you so choose. Once you buy the site, all maintenance and management services will cease unless you choose one of our Maintenance Packages. If not, you’ll be responsible for updating and maintaining the site.

Is there a warranty included?
Yes, there is. We take pride in the work that we do and will fix any errors in the final product as delivered by us. The warranty period starts at the launch date and runs for 1 year. The warranty does not include fixing errors created by third party or customer modifications.

Can I rent a website and manage it myself?
We can provide cPanel access to the hosting account for you to take full control of the website. The cost for cPanel access will depend on the rental plan selected. After access is granted, the maintenance aspect of the rental plan will end and you will pay a reduced monthly rental fee. 

Which hosting do you use for the website rental service packages?
Our website rental service is hosted on Siteground. We’ve found that Siteground offers the right features and services to enhance our client’s businesses. These include: ease of use for our clients; website speed; quality uptime. Siteground is also fully compatible with and recognized by, our preferred Content Management System (CMS) for websites.

Website Maintenance & Management

What’s not included in maintenance?
Maintenance packages do not include layout changes, website makeovers, or creating/designing a new website. These would be covered under our web design and development services.

If I have an outdated website, can I still have it maintained by Haughton Web services?
Our website maintenance packages can revive old or outdated websites. We would first need to complete a full audit of your website to determine what needs to be updated or changed. Then, we can move on to monthly maintenance based on a package or custom option of your choice.

Do maintenance services only apply to existing customers?
No, they don’t. We are happy to take on new sites, even if they aren’t built by us. We would need to carry out a website audit to determine the state of the site and outline any issues that will need to be addressed before we can start the standard maintenance packages.

Can I transfer my website maintenance to Haughton Web Services?
Of course, you can. Once you determine which management package is good for you, we’ll work out the arrangements for the transfer including a mandatory site audit.

If I want to set up my website myself and have you manage it, what do you recommend?
If you want to set up your site yourself before coming to us for ongoing management and maintenance, we recommend:

  • Hosting: Siteground
  • Content Management System:

Do I have to use Siteground for my hosting if I want you to manage my website?
We recommend Siteground for hosting your website to ensure you make the most of our website management services. However, we can still manage your site on another host. As part of our review process, we will help you determine if your current host will support the services you need to enhance your business.

Have another question?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer. Or choose your preferred website rental package here.