Grow your business with a website designed for your needs.

We help businesses expand their customer base with quality online experiences focused on growth

Your website is an essential cost of doing business – not a marketing expense. It’s your online storefront, the business partner that works for you 24/7. Most customers will research you online before deciding to do business. Who will they find when they search – you or your competitor?

It’s time to scale your business with a fast and effective website. Our Professional Website Rental and Management Services are everything you need to grow your business, acquire more clients, and retain more satisfied customers.

Website Rental

A professional website is just a call away

We believe that every business – no matter how small – should be accessible online. So, whether you’re a new entrepreneur just starting out or an established business looking to grow, we have a website package that’s got you covered. Set up your business the right way with high-quality templates or get a customized design. We have the tools to make your business shine.

Website Maintenance & Management

No hassle website services for your business

Let’s face it. When you have a million and 1 things to do, your website will get left behind. What’s the point of a professional business website if it’s not maintained? That’s where we come in. We take care of the mundane and the technical tasks needed to maintain your website at the highest standards. You have more time to focus on other areas to grow your business.

Website Design & Development

Customized websites that are a reflection of you

While most of our plans tend to cover what our clients need, you may need something different or additional functionalities. With Haughton Web Services, website development is a speciality. Clean codes. Fully operational sites. Attractive designs. We make website design & development easy for you.

Professional Web Development & Management Services

Everything you need to get your business online quickly and easily.

Why Choose Haughton Web Services

We aren’t just building websites. We are giving you the tools you need to grow your business.

We are Website Experts

Haughton Web Services specializes in website development, design, and management. We know and implement all you need to have a fully functional website that not only looks good but does the job it’s meant to. This means, you can focus on your core business needs while your website works in the background.

The Convenient Solution

Website rental and management services offer you the convenience of getting your business website online faster. It’s the convenient solution for the business entrepreneur or small business owner that wants an attractive website to accent their marketing efforts without the hassle of building one from scratch.

It’s Affordable

We know that it can be difficult to find investment up-front to grow your business. But, with our rental services, you don’t have to. Our affordable website rental and management plans allow you to get a website without breaking the bank. There are no hidden fees. You can budget, maintain your cash flow, and keep your website up-to-date.

Here is everything you need to get your business online.

Did you know?

A website
keeps your business always available and easily accessible
A website
is a place to provide information for answering prospects' questions
A website
makes updating your information less expensive and much more convenient
A website
can increase sales by up to 50% with less effort
A website
is the most cost-effective marketing and sales tool for businesses
A website
is perfect for getting customer feedback