Website Management & Maintenance

Keeping your website well-oiled and ever ready for business

It’s one thing to have a website up and working. It’s another to ensure that it continues to work smoothly and be an asset to your business. Website downtime means lost revenues. Non-functioning pages and forms result in frustrated customers going to your competitors.

Our website maintenance and management plans ensure that you have limited issues and problems that crop up are dealt with urgently.

Pre-emptive maintenance to prevent issues

We’ll run routine website maintenance to prevent issues from becoming major problems

Fix problems as soon as they arise

With our eyes constantly on your site, you’ll get problems fixed sooner rather than later.

Optimize for better user experiences

Keep your site optimized for better experiences for both you and your customers.

Already have a website?

Already have a website but need expert management and maintenance services? We can take over your website, perform a site audit and update the site. Then, we will provide ongoing maintenance and management services so you can focus on your core business.

Website Management & Maintenance

With the constant changes online, numerous required updates, and security threats, it’s important to keep your website properly maintained. Our management and maintenance services will see us overseeing the health of your website on your behalf. Website maintenance and management packages can include:

Website Optimization

Ensuring your website is fast and runs smoothly is necessary for your website to rank high in search results. We include optimization services such as image optimization to improve your website speed.

Theme and Plugin Updates

Outdated themes and plugins are often used to hack websites. We’ll ensure that your website WordPress theme and plugins are updated as necessary. But, not all theme and plugin updates will work with your site. We’ll evaluate the best option and fix any issues caused by new updates.

Website Backup

Nothing is worse than losing all the data and content from your site. We help you prevent this by providing website back-up services. In case of an emergency, we can restore your site to a previous version or recover your content.


We’ll maintain your website security system including SSL encryption and regular vulnerability checks to keep your site secure.

Google Analytics

As part of our reports, we’ll include Google Analytics data that shows how customers are using your site, what can be done to improve site use, and optimising your site.

Monthly website reports

We’ll provide a monthly report on the performance of your website and the maintenance activities carried out.

Choose the maintenance package that’s best for your business

  • Keep It Alive
  • US$169.95/month
  • Web Support*: 5hrs/month
  • Blog Post**:
  • SEO Optimized Content:
  • Setup: US$99.95
  • Do More
  • US$467.90/month
  • Web Support*: 12hrs/month
  • Blog Posts**: 1/month
  • SEO Optimized Content:
  • Setup: US$99.95
  • Full Online
  • US$1,365.50/month
  • Web Support*: 33hrs/month
  • Blog Posts**: 4/month
  • SEO Optimized Content:
  • Setup: US$99.95

All packages include:

  • Weekly Website backups
  • Weekly plugin and theme updates
  • Continual SEO Optimization
  • Google My Business linking
  • Google Analytics

*Stated rates only apply to WordPress websites. A custom quote will be provided for other types of websites.

* Web Development Support hours can be used to add new pages, change content, modify layouts, add new functionality, etc. (Standard rate is $65/hr)
** Blog posts includes copy, supporting media and uploading to the website.

Addons and other Services:

  • SEO Optimized Website Copy: US$180 – US$800
  • Captivating, Optimized Product Descriptions: US$55 / 500 words
  • Blog Package: US$234.99/month (4 posts, up to 1,000 words each)