Do More Maintenance Package


WordPress Website Management service with 12hrs of Web Support each month


Keep Customers Interested

A well-maintained website will keep customers interested and have them coming back for more. HWS ensures your website stays current so customers will always want to return.

Showcase a Professional Image

Your website is a reflection of your business persona. If it’s not well-maintained, then it reflects poorly on your business. It might even turn away repeat and potential customers. With a website maintenance package, your business will always be looking good.

Maintain your website security

Keep your website updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes. Monthly maintenance ensures your site is as safe as possible to keep the online arm of your business secure.

Focus on the Big Picture

Outsourcing your website maintenance is more cost-effective if you do not have a dedicated webmaster. Free up your time to focus on the big picture while saving money since you won’t need to employ full-time staff.

Professional Support

Nothing’s worse than a broken website. Regular maintenance ensures that issues are caught early to limit downtime. Updates are done regularly to keep your site functioning smoothly. Plus, you save money when you fix problems before they get worse.

Entice New Customers

Keep your website optimized for search engines so you can attract new customers. Consistently updating content and the inner-workings of your website ensures customers can find you when they want your service or product.


WordPress Website maintenance package with:

  • 12 hours of monthly Web Development Support
  • One 500-word blog post each month related to your services/products

Also included:

  • Weekly Website backups
  • Weekly plugin and theme updates
  • Continual SEO Optimization
  • Google My Business linking
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Website Indexing

This service is for a WordPress website. Please contact us if you have a website on another platform.


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